Need A Bike

The Bike Kitchen is a social bike business providing bicycles to income-eligible individuals that are without the social or economic capital to find one elsewhere.  Our goal is to provide bicycles to the homeless, recently resettled refugees, at-risk teens and other individuals who are receiving or eligible to receive other forms of public assistance such as:  food stamps, SSDI, WIC, free or reduced lunches, unemployment benefits, or fuel assistance.   Because our business model is focused on providing transportation assistance to the disadvantaged, we screen our potential customers.  The most commonly asked questions are answered here.


What kind of documentation or proof of income do I need?

Many of our customers come to us through a referral from a community partner, like a social service agency, a church or some other non-profit.  Where a customer does not have a champion, we have a customer questionnaire that will help us determine eligibility.

How much does a bicycle cost?

  • Adult bicycles are $25
  • Children’s bicycles are $15

What kinds of bicycles do you sell?

Our inventory is dependent on donations.  The inventory is constantly changing and ranges from road bikes to mountain bikes. When you come in for a bike, we will try to match you with one that is comfortable for your size and abilities.  However, if we can’t fit you on a bike, we prefer to wait for the right bike to be donated.  Otherwise, the experience may be less than ideal and you may be discouraged from riding.

How about helmets?

Thanks to a Community Foundation grant award to Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia, each bike will come with a helmet.

What about accessories, e.g., lights, racks, bottle cages, bells, fenders, or kickstands?

Just like the bicycles, the stock of accessories is constantly changing and depends completely on parts and monetary donations.  Just ask and we’ll see what we have to offer.

Do you sell parts?

Yes, but only for the bikes we sell to our eligible customers.  We do not sell bike parts to the people who do not qualify for one of our bikes, because we have five incredible bike shops in the area who are ready to help you.  Check out Bike Barn, East Coasters, Hokie Spokes, Pulaski Bikes, and The Junction.

Do you do trades?

No, we don’t trade bicycles, but if you’re an eligible customer, don’t let that stop you from talking to us about a repair or options for financing the purchase of one of our bikes.

I don’t think I qualify for a bicycle.  Where can I find a bicycle?

The NRV is blessed with some of the best bike shops nationally.  Check out the following retail bike shops:


Our mission at the Bike Kitchen is to create a resource hub for people to access essential neighborhood services on a recycled bicycle. To this end, we are building a social bike business to provide bikes to people without the social or economic capital to find one elsewhere.

Hours of Operation

The Bike Kitchen is located inside the Habitat for Humanity ReStore at:
1675 North Franklin Street
Christiansburg, Virginia

During winter months, please visit us on Facebook where our hours will be posted at the beginning of each week.

The Bike Kitchen operates at times when the ReStore is closed. If the ReStore is closed during our operation hours, please email the Director.

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